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Organise online sales role-plays

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For sales force

Online Sales Role-plays For Sales Force in SalesGames Platform



Salespeople who hone their skills in role-playing games sell more.



Employees feel confident. Less prone to stress and burnout.



Experienced employees share sales techniques and successful cases.



Sales role-plays consolidate the knowledge gained from other sources (courses, trainings)

more effective
growth of the average check
increase in motivation
reduction of turnover
About us

SalesGames - online service for automating sales role-playing for sales force


All training takes place on the SalesGames platform

5 000

hours in sales role-playing

1 000+

people have gone through technology

At SalesGames a unique technology is used that allows you to work out the material as efficiently as possible in the allotted time within the framework of a sales role-playing with elements of a coaching session. Forget about boring, humiliating sales role-playing. Employees leave with a sense of satisfaction and a desire to work. In sales role-playing, we use cases from your business, which allows you to bring the training environment as close as possible to the "combat"

Purposes of use

What are the Benefits for your business?


We certify existing employees through role-playing games according to your scenarios.


We adapt newcomers according to your methodological materials. The best way to pump your sales skill is to hone your communication skills in sales role-plays over and over again until it becomes second nature.

Exchange of experience

Experienced sales reps give recommendations and exchange experience in the process of sales role-playing

Implementation of standards

With the help of the service, you can easily implement work standards for sales people


After conducting sales role-plays, employees have a desire to use in practice the skills that they received in sales role-plays. Fear of the client disappears

Introduction of new products

When selling a new product with the help of our service, you can work out the sales technology in terms of funneling questions, product presentation, working out objections, closing techniques.


Among our clients there are various types of industries and brands